About us

Doing laundry is not generally thought of as an enjoyable task, but it is our hope to change your mind.  The primary mission of Our Beautiful Launderette is to create an enjoyable laundry experience; this is what has driven every detail in designing our freshly remodeled Launderette.  Read on to discover what we have done to enhance your visit, and we extend a warm invitation to visit us in person and see for yourself what a totally different laundry experience can be.

Let’s start with the washers and dryers.  All new, and all maintained in tip-top shape, you will never lose a penny in our laundry, Our machines are the most eco friendly that are available and while you enjoying the best wash possible today, you will also be saving water, gas and electricity.  

We have five sizes of washers: 

  • 12 lb top-load washers 
  • 20 lb front load washers 
  • 30 lb front load washers
  • 40 lb front load washers 
  • 50 lb front load washers

A total of 40 machines so you should never have to wait.  We have two drying tumbler sizes, 30lb and 50 lb and while they too are very efficient we have them set so they should dry your loads with only one payment.

Speaking of payments, customers now can start every machine in the laundry with quarters, but they can also be started with any major credit card, with debit cards or with Our Beautiful Launderette store Bonus card which gives a 10% discount.

Let’s look at some of the additional unexpected benefits; we have a beautifully tiled restroom, always free to customers, we have a free wifi bar with built-in recharging stations, the store has over 50 ft of tables for folding right next to the dryers.  There is a vending area that features complete selections of soap, snack and beverages, and for your enjoyment a spacious outdoor patio to sit and relax in the California sunshine, or stay inside in our air cooled laundry and watch the big screen.  Our Launderette is always attended with helpful, friendly customer service agents who will pour you a free cup of coffee every morning.  We are safe, secure and comfortable.

If this is sounding too good the best is yet to come. Now you can do you entire laundry in just four minutes, how is that possible?  Just drop it off (the first 2 minutes), let us carefully wash, dry and fold it, and then bundle it a clear plastic package, and then pick it up (the second 2 minutes).  You can have either same day or next day service.  We always wash your items by themselves and will be happy to accommodate any special soap, bleach or softener requirements.